Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Deck

Good. This is a good deck. Big enough for a four-seater table and a two-seater hot tub. Not big enough for the 10X13 pergola that has been sitting in a box in the garage since last summer. Also not so good about this deck? It doubles as a slip-n-slide when it rains. And you might have heard that it rains quite a bit out here in the Pacific NW! Forman and I have each had our fair share of "whoa" moments, but neither of us actually fell. Well, unless you count that time I fell backwards off the deck but that had nothing to do with the slickness of the boards. Another story for another time...

Better. This is a better deck. Two extra feet don't sound like much, but when you attach them to the above deck, you get an expanse that could easily double as a dance floor. I'm picturing a gathering at sunset, cocktails in hand, laughter, and people milling about. Not quite yet though...don't let that mix of clean and new wood fool you. With seven years of dirt power-washed off, it is slick and slippery as ever!

Best. This is a great deck! The hardest part of this entire project was the chore I expected to be the easiest; painting. Putting down Restore Deck Resurfacer is much like painting over stucco with a roller. The thick, sandy, frosting-like paint does not spread like regular paint will, and it splatters everywhere! Two coats took us the entire day and wiped us out. The end result is exactly what we were looking for, so it was well worth the effort.

A different angle before the paint.

After. The surface is now rough, like concrete, but soft enough to walk on with bare feet.

We can't mark this project complete quite yet... There is still a pergola to put up, a fountain to take down, and a long-awaited pizza oven to build. For now picture us sitting back, feet up, admiring our sleek new slip-resistant deck!

Cheers to summer sunshine and good hard work!

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  1. Getting caught up on your life through the blog. I love your new deck! It is beautiful. How I wish I could hire the two of year to come here and redo ours! Let me know when you have that dance party. I just might show up!!